Friday, April 8, 2011

Nihongo Shticks is born

Hi Everyone (yeah who will read this later :P)!

So, why am I here?
Well, I have been learning Japanese for the past year or so and found myself stumbling onto a lot of expressions, words, and language bits that very much amused me. Be it a word with a meaning that says something about the Japanese culture, an expression that is so visual and unique it makes me laugh or just a weird thing (for us non Japanese).
I very much wanted to share those little bits, those shticks, with people; and I did. I shared a lot of them in my Facebook status', but being that not all of my Facebook friends are Japanese students or people that may be interested in those shticks, I decided to move the Japanese Shticks to a blog and keep my Facebook status' focused on the boring stuff :P

If you're here, you probably know that "nihongo" is "the Japanese language" in Japanese and so I thought "Nihongo Shticks" is a suitable name for this blog.

I hope to make you smile and be amused as I am when I first find those little shticks :)


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