Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cut & Take Line

I didn't find the next word amusing or funny or anything l ike that, but I decided to write about it because I just liked the fact that this word even exists! Of course we can describe the concept with a few words in any other language but to have it's own word... I found that refreshing, somehow.

Japanese: 切り取り線
Reading: kiritorisen
Meaning: line to cut something off along
Literally: cut take line

You know, those dotted lines that start with a drawing of a scissors. I think it's cool they have a specific word for it in Japanese.
That's all.

Friday, January 6, 2012


So it turns out surfing waves in Japanese is:

Japanese: 波乗り
Reading: naminori
Meaning: surfing (waves in the ocean)
Literally: wave riding

But! I asked a Japanese friend if they use the same word for surfing the web, like we do in English and Hebrew and I assume other languages.
He said that this is only for surfing waves, so apparently they have a different word for surfing the web. Can you guess what it is?

Japanese: サーフィン
Reading: saafin
Meaning: surfing the web (and also waves)

Yeah, so basically they just use the English word for web surfing.
Kind of lame and uninspiring, but <shoulder shrug> I guess a lot of the computer terminology is taken straight from English.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Horror... or joy?

So I learned the word for "bloodbath" today.

Japanese: 血祭り
Reading: chimatsuri
Meaning: bloodbath
Literally: blood festival

I won't say anything else...