Friday, January 6, 2012


So it turns out surfing waves in Japanese is:

Japanese: 波乗り
Reading: naminori
Meaning: surfing (waves in the ocean)
Literally: wave riding

But! I asked a Japanese friend if they use the same word for surfing the web, like we do in English and Hebrew and I assume other languages.
He said that this is only for surfing waves, so apparently they have a different word for surfing the web. Can you guess what it is?

Japanese: サーフィン
Reading: saafin
Meaning: surfing the web (and also waves)

Yeah, so basically they just use the English word for web surfing.
Kind of lame and uninspiring, but <shoulder shrug> I guess a lot of the computer terminology is taken straight from English.


  1. In fact, they use サーフィン for beach surfing as well... You haven't watched Densha Otoko all the way, have you? :-)

  2. Well, I did write in parenthesis "and waves as well".
    And I did watch Densha Otoko but it was a while ago and my memory sucks :P