Thursday, January 17, 2013

Drunk Talking!

So you shouldn't drink and drive, right?
How about drink and talk, then? YES!

I can't believe I still didn't talk about this cool word here. I got to know it a long time ago while talking to a Japanese friend in a coffee shop in Shinjuku.
You know how Japanese people usually open up slowly? and by slowly I mean.. never, right?
So it turns out there is only one time when they totally allow themselves to talk freely and open up, and that is after some drinking!
We westerners can talk to friends anytime about almost anything. Sure it's nice to grab a beer and talk about whatever is bothering you, but we can still do it without the beer.
The fact they HAVE to drink to start talking is amusing by itself, but the fact that they even have a word for this is just awesome :)

Japanese: 飲みニケーション
Reading: nominike-shon
Meaning: communicating while drinking (or rather, after some drinking).
Literally: a combination of 飲み (drinking) and コミュニケーション(communication)

Recently I wanted to refer someone to the post about this word and realized that there was no post about this word. Fixed it now!

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