Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'll Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse

This is just stupid.
No, really, I mean it.
I am so sorry to take up your time with this stupidity but I can't help it, it did amuse me personally so I can't help thinking (hoping?) it might amuse someone else. My appologies to all the sane human beings out there, this one is probably not for you :)

Japanese: 其処此処
Reading: sokokoko
Meaning: here and there; in places
Literally: there(soko) here(koko)

Yes, nothing special about the meaning, but the sound of it is just funny...
I guess for me it has the same appeal that Mrs. kakukikeko had from a few posts back.
Sokokoko...sokokoko... it should have been the onomatopoeia for shooting a machine gun or something.
Oh, I see an opportunity to save this post (for the sane ones) by also mentioning the real word for that.

Japanese: ドンパチ
Reading: donpachi
Meaning: the firing of guns
Literally: actually a combination of "dondon" and "pachipachi" (look them up!)

I find this word easy to remember since it always brings to my mind an image of some tough Italian Mafia boss called "Don Pachi(no)", you know Al Pachino as the Don in those Italian Mafia movies... and getting from that image to gun fire is an offer you can't refuse :)

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