Friday, June 24, 2011

Barbeque Fun!

This is one of the more amusing Kanjis I've learnt.
As opposed to most Kanji, this one looks pretty much what it means!

Meaning: skewer

Do you see the skewer in the Kanji?

Now another interesting one is this Kanji, which has the skewer Kanji as the top part of it.

Meaning: afflicted, disease, suffer from, be ill
Construction: skewer (串)+heart (心)

"Doctor, I am suffering..."
"What's wrong?"
"Barbeque accident..."



  1. what about
    傘 - kasa - umbrella

  2. I also like this one 囚, but you kind of have to already know 人 in order to appreciate the other one.

  3. Oh, sorry just-you-waitさん, I figured the readings are not relevant since we're talking about the kanji drawing itself, but here are the readings:

    串 - kushi (skewer)

    患う - wazurau (to fall ill)
    患 itself is also "kan" when in a compound word.

    Don't you use rikaichan?
    It's so awesome!