Monday, February 27, 2012

Boom Shakalaka

OK, so we already covered in the past the "MY" stuff.
Take a look at this post right here.
My Car being a private car and My Home being a privately owned house.
Since then I found out there is also...

Japanese: マイ箸
Reading: maihashi
Meaning: washable chopsticks carried in a case (to be used in place of disposable chopsticks)
Literally: my chopsticks

and then there is this one...

Japanese: マイブーム
Reading: maibu-mu
Meaning: something that a person is currently obsessed with or fascinated by
Literally: my boom

Ah! so like... yeah, that kind of boom, so it's not a terrorist jargon :D
So yeah, kind of amusing, I don't think English speakers use that word a lot (boom, not my boom). The only common term with that word is "baby boom", which out of context can also be misinterpreted...
So what is your my-boom at the moment?
Mine is カレーパン and loving Tokyo.


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