Friday, February 3, 2012

A Very Late Good Morning

I found out yesterday about a very sarcastic good morning greeting that I liked very much!
Since I came to Japan, my sleeping patterns changed quite a lot and there were times when I WOKE UP at 11PM and went down to the kitchen, saying good morning even thought it was already almost midnight.

The normal way to say good morning, as I am sure most of you know, is:

Japanese: お早うございます
Reading: ohayou gozaimasu
Meaning: good morning (greeting)
Literally: (you) are early

Now the sarcastic expression for good morning I found out about yesterday is:

Japanese: 遅ようございます
Reading: osoyou gozaimasu
Meaning: good "morning" (emphasizing it's not really that early or morning anymore)
Literally: (you) are late

I like how changing only ONE syllable in the expression makes such a difference in the meaning. I like how it still sounds polite but actually so sarcastic at the same time :P

Me like very much!


  1. すごいポストです。頑張ってください!(^_^)

  2. Mingさん、