Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cavemen English in Japanese!

Hi there!
We all know how cavemen used to talk right?
"Me food eat", "Me kill you" and so on.
I encountered a word in Japanese (which is not known to all Japanese people, it's kind of a gamers word I am guessing) and it amused me because of the cavemen speech style it sounds like if you think it's English.

The word is...

Japanese: 未プレイ
Reading: mi purei
Literally: not yet play
Meaning: refers to the trait of not yet playing something (a game...duh)

So it SOUNDS like "Me play" in Cavemen English but has the totally opposite meaning!

Gamer A: Did you see that awesome new game that came out!?
Gamer B: Yeah man! Me play! (未プレイ).
Gamer A: What? you played it already?!
Gamer B: No, man! Me not play. Me play!
Gamer A: ?!?!?

So have you played it? Me play.

Ok, I may have gone overboard.

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