Monday, May 9, 2011

Death by Tofu

I wasn't sure I should post these two very lovely curse-expressions because they are very rude and obviously should not be used, ever.
Nevertheless, the sheer beauty of the way those curses are integrated with the Japanese cuisine might be sufficient to give them a dedicated post, keeping in mind we use them for amusement purposes only.

Without further ado,

Japanese: 豆腐の角に頭をぶつけて死ね
Reading: toufu-no kado-ni atama-wo butsukete shine
Meaning: curse-expression
Literally: bash your head against a corner of a block of tofu and die

Interestingly enough, tofu is soft so there is a debate about whether or not this way of dying is actually possible. Maybe even in cursing, the Japanese people are still avoiding directness and so the method of dying is left obscure...

Another similar death-wishing-using-Japanese-cuisine expression is:

Japanese: うどんで首吊って死ね
Reading: udon-de  kubi tsutte shine
Meaning: curse-expression
Literally: suspend your neck using Udon noodles and die; hang yourself using Udon noodles and die

Once again we see that the curse "receiver" is given a really hard task as I don't suppose noodles are strong enough to be able to hang yourself from, especially not cooked noodles.

But creative thinking, it is!
Me like!

(Just don't tell anyone where you learned this...)

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