Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hand Bag for... your Hand

I'm sorry if sometimes it seems like I write about stupid little things, but this stuff amuses me and that is all that it takes to make it in here. This time, it's just a word. The word for a glove in Japanese is...

Japanese: 手袋
Reading: tebukuro
Meaning: a glove
Kanji: hand + bag

"This is a special bag that we have here, that can contain only ONE hand and nothing else. It fits perfectly! Give it a try!"

While in English a handbag is a bag you carry by hand, in Japanese, a hand-bag is a bag FOR your hand. Of course they have another word for the English handbag meaning.

Japanese: 手提げ袋
Reading: tesagebukuro
Meaning: handbag
Literally: hand carried bag

So, here I was, all cocky and smart-assy, thinking to myself, "Hey, so why does the word for a sock doesn't follow the same logic?" 

Japanese: 靴下
Reading: kutsushita
Meaning: socks
Kanji: shoe + below

So I checked the dictionary and it turns out it freaking DOES! Only it's another word, for the more traditional Japanese socks. Ta Da! 

Japanese: 足袋
Reading: tabi
Meaning: Japanese socks (with split toe)
Kanji: foot + bag

And everything came together nicely. Don't you think?
Me like!

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  1. Freaking hysterical bro! Now I want to learn Kanji instead of Chinese! I wonder what the Kanji is for dick? Fucking stick? Lol