Thursday, May 5, 2011

Face Recognition

A friend of mine doesn't have to enter a username and password combination in order to log into his laptop. His laptop just recognizes his face and lets him in. New technology, right? well, yeah...but people have been doing it long before computers did.

Japanese: 顔パス
Reading: kaopasu
Meaning: free admission for being well known
Literally: face-pass

The translation above is straight from the dictionary but as we all know sometimes the dictionary is not quite right. As I understood it, it doesn't have to be free.

For instance, say you buy a monthly ticket to the train you ride on everyday to commute to work. At some point, the person who is supposed to check that you have a ticket will recognize you (because you ride the train every day) and know that you already have that monthly ticket. Will he ask to see your monthly ticket again? Probably not. You passed the ticket checking procedure on account of him recognizing your face.
Hence, Face-Pass.

Same thing goes for if a club has some age restrictions. They check your ID card at the entrance to make sure you're above or below a certain age. If you become a regular, they'll know you (and your face) and probably don't check your ID card anymore. Face passed this one as well.

"It's not fair! How come YOU don't have to show an ID?"
"I FACE passed, man. In your FACE! "

I think it's a cool word!
Me like.

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